Board and Management

Oscar Grön
Chairman of the Board

Year of birth: 1960
Elected to the Board: 2006
Number of shares: 72 000 Class B shares

Background: Naval Officer, and various management positions as branch manager, CEO, Director and Chairman. Executive MBA with a global focus from Copenhagen Business School; 2001 - 2003. Owner and CEO of TOAB Environment AB, which conducts business in the construction and plumbing industry. He is working since many years active in the Baltics and the former Eastern Europe.

Timo Lehtonen

Year of birth: 1963
Elected to the Board: 2013
Number of shares: 2 086 000 Class B shares and indirect holdings

Background: Entrepreneur. Founded and ran his own accounting firm for 19 years and trained in-house in economics and law for more than 10 years. Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Gothenburg. The principal owner and founder of Forwood AB.

Kjell Erik Ståhl
Board Member

Year of birth: 1946
Elected to the Board: 2018
Number of shares: 481.000 Class B shares

Background: MSc. 34 years in various managerial positions within Telecom. Experience from boards of various companies as member, CEO and chairman. Experience from teak farming in Panama in private company. Experiences from elite careers in orientation and marathon running (Swedish record holder)


Eva Sjölind
Authorized Accountant

Moore Stevens Ranby AB

Election committee

Timo Lehtonen, Chairman

Ulf Runmarker, member

Magdalena Koch, member

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